Barbary Coast Online Slot Rating and Review

Barbary Coast Online Slot Rating and Review

Who needs the bumbling Captain Jack Sparrow when you can have his twin, the lovely Ben Sawyer? The Barbary Coast slot machine from BetSoft gives players the opportunity to join a captain who is reminiscent of Johnny Depp as they raid and pillage their way across the broad seas in search of some very desirable loot. As you go up against the illustrious Blackbeard in this cheeky slot, which has a pirate theme that verges on being a violation of copyright and a set of 30 active paylines, you will have the opportunity to win rewards of up to 45,000 coins every round.

Barbary Coast is a game that is only available on platforms that support Flash. Although it may be a little bit old, it does not mean that it is not rewarding. There are five distinct bonuses that are included into it. These bonuses may provide you with everything from free spins and sticky wild reels to click-me features and cinematic sidegames in which you participate in sword battles in order to earn free rewards.

How to Play the Online Slot Machine Barbary Coast

Barbary Coast is a slot game developed by Betsoft that has an approachable gameplay that will appeal to both inexperienced gamers and more seasoned gamblers. This machine’s paylines control, which allows you to switch off any paylines that you don’t want to play, is one of the characteristics that sets it apart from other slot machines. You have the ability to customize the size of your bet to be as little as 0.01 credits, as much as 150 credits, or anything in between by utilizing this control in conjunction with the coin and bet per line options.

You will have 14 different symbols to gather after your pirate adventure has begun in order to be eligible for a prize. The other five of these symbols are utilized to activate a variety of additional functions, whereas the first nine of these symbols solely serve to provide monetary rewards. Every one of the awards that is shown in the paytable is a multiplier that is applied to the size of your coin, and this multiplier might change depending on how much you wager each payline. When you play for real money and place the lowest wager per line, the prizes for each winning sequence might vary anywhere from 15 to 300 coins. If, on the other hand, you play with the maximum number of coins per line, the winnings will begin at 75 coins and run up to a maximum of 1,500 coins for each sequence.

Unfortunately, playing Barbary Coast on a current iOS or Android-based smartphone is not ideal for the experience. The game is only provided in the form of a Flash game and was not repackaged in a To Go version as the majority of BetSoft’s early titles were. As a consequence of this, it will mostly be playable on personal computers such as laptops and desktops.

Features and Free Spins Can Be Found on Barbary Coast

When you’re playing Barbary Coast for real money, the majority of the time you’ll be waiting for a sequence of at least three similar symbols to appear on a payline in order to win a reward. Barbary Coast is a video slot game. The maiden, the pirate flag, and the treasure chest are the most valued symbols for you, and they each have the potential to provide rewards of up to 1,500, 1,250, and 1,250 coins, respectively. Due to the fact that the slot machine only pays out from left to right, any matching sequence must be gathered in that direction in order to result in a payment. The only exceptions to this rule are the bonus symbols, which may be accumulated in a number of different ways in order to activate a special function. The only exceptions to this rule are the bonus symbols.

For example, the free spins bonus and immediate cash award may be triggered by getting three or more parrot symbols anywhere on the screen, regardless of which direction they are facing or where they are located. Another sign that awards prizes regardless of its position is the Ben Sawyer symbol. This symbol may also be gathered to activate a click-me function on the reels, which reveals immediate winnings by allowing you to discover hidden symbols. There is also a cannon symbol, which, if it lands on the middle reel, will cause a stack of wild symbols to be created there. This will give you a whole reel full of wild symbols, which you can then utilize to win prizes on the subsequent spin.

In addition to these unique symbols, Barbary Coast also contains two extra bonus symbols that must be accumulated on an active payline in order to activate the corresponding feature. The sword combat bonus will be activated when you acquire three of the Blackbeard symbols on any active payline. This may happen on any payline. In this motion picture, the dashing Ben Sawyer will battle Blackbeard and save a lady in order to receive free rewards. The story will be shown from his point of view. On the other hand, a grog-drinking extra feature will be activated for you if you gather three worker symbols on any payline. This may happen at any time throughout the game. Demonstrate that you are capable of drinking more and you will be rewarded with gifts.

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