The Neurotrauma Center has a long history of dedication to clinical and scientific research.

Clinicians work with researchers and drug and medical device companies to study developing and newly available technologies that seek to maximize outcomes following traumatic injury to the brain or spine and to minimize secondary injury to the traumatized area. These technologies can include new medications, treatment protocols, monitoring protocols, equipment and medical devices.

The Center works closely with neurosurgeons from the Mayfield Clinic and Spine Institute, one of the nation’s leading physician organizations for clinical care, education and research of the brain and spine, and with basic scientists at the Mayfield Neurotrauma Research Lab. Researchers at the Mayfield Neurotrauma Research Lab are exploring the impact of a form of seizure-like brain activity known as spreading depolarizations.

The Center has an exciting, ongoing collaboration with the UC Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Neurotrauma specialists and engineers recently announced the development of a prototype “smart sensor” that is capable of continuously monitoring multiple physiological parameters.

The Center is also an active participant in the NIH-funded Neurological Emergency Treatment Trials (NETT), a national, multidisciplinary research program that comprises 22 large university medical centers. Jordan Bonomo, MD, Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine, is principal investigator of the UC portion of these trials.

The Neurotrauma Center’s clinical research team includes physicians in all neuroscience specialties, neuro-imaging specialists, research nurses and regulatory experts. Patients who are treated at our center will be offered the opportunity to participate in available clinical trials for which they qualify.